Styx fans are saying “domo arigato” to the band for bringing “Mr. Roboto” back into the show, in its entirety, for the first time in 35 years. And the band is saying “You’re welcome” — if perhaps just a bit grudgingly.

Styx has returned the song to its show this summer after leaving it out of the setlist for many years — due to bad memories from the acrimonious Kilroy Was Here project in 1983, a concept album spearheaded by former singer-keyboardist Dennis DeYoung that polarized fans and led to a seven-year split of the band. Even now, guitarist James “J.Y.” Young tells Billboard that he’s ambivalent about the song, because of “all the bad things that went along with that record. It was just far off the mark from what I was interested in performing live — and we have plenty of material without it.”

Source  : Billboard