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The National Weather Service has issued a RED FLAG WARNING for April 12, 2018 until 8:00 PM.

Only the National Weather Service can issue a Red Flag Warning. The term Red Flag Warning is used by fire weather forecasters to alert fire personnel and the public of potential extreme and critical fire weather due to high winds and low relative humidity.

Red Flag Warnings are issued when all of the following criteria are met:

  1. Wind speeds are expected to exceed 20 mph
  2. Relative humidity is 15% or lower
  3. Fire danger rating of High, Very High, or Extreme

On a Red Flay Day, the following restrictions go into effect:

1. Building, maintaining, or attending a fire or campfire, this includes use of charcoal. Use of liquid propane or pressurized fuel used for heating and cooking devices are permissible as long as it can be turned on and off, and is in an area devoid of flammable materials within a five foot radius.

2. Outside smoking unless your are in a vehicle, building, or a designated smoking area free of vegetation.

3. Vehicle use off roads or trails.

4. Driving a vehicle without an approved spark arresting device.

5. Operating an internal combustion engine (unless the equipment has an approved spark arresting device AND is in an area completely devoid of vegetation) i.e. chainsaws, generators, hot saws, skidders, and other recreational or industrial equipment.

6. Welding, or operating an acetylene or other torch with an open flame.

Source : 311 INFO