That’s Sir Richard, to you.

The Beatles‘ Richard Starkey, better known as Ringo Starr, is now Sir Ringo. The drummer was knighted in a ceremony in the U.K.

A picture of the ceremony was posted by Ringo’s representatives on social media Tuesday (March 20) with the words “Another busy day for Sir Ringo. Peace and love, peace and love.” #reports #ringostarr #ilovemyfriends #ilovewhatido peaceandlove [✌]  #gratefulheart [–]  — in London, United Kingdom.” Ringo was honored for “services to music.”

Starr told the BBC he was honored to get the title: “It means a lot actually. It means recognition for the things we’ve done. I was really pleased to accept this.” He also said he was a little nervous about getting the award by himself as opposed to when the Beatles as a group received MBEs in 1965, explaining, “I was a bit shaky today on my own.”

Starr was reminded that John Lennon reportedly said the group was so nervous about the award they went into the bathroom for a cigarette. “Who said that? I’m not keeping that rumour going,” he laughed. He also said he knew what he’d be doing with the medal: “I’ll be wearing it at breakfast.”

Source :Billboard