Death didn’t stop Tupac Shakur or Michael Jackson from performing — as holograms, that is — but the family of Roy Orbison says a dispute with a vendor is keeping a digital reincarnation of the singer off stage.

Suing as Roy’s Boys, the late Rock and Roll hall of Famer’s sons claim Hologram USA failed to keep up its end of a deal for an Orbison hologram show and is now interfering with their efforts to create one with a new partner.

According to a complaint filed Monday in New York state court, Hologram USA approached Roy’s Boys in 2014 about creating a 90-minute performance by an Orbison hologram. Under their deal, a prototype was to be delivered for review within 9 months. By Oct. 2016, Roy’s Boys still hadn’t seen one and sent Hologram USA a notice of termination.

Source : Billboard