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PRESS RELEASE regarding shooting in LakesideOn 10/08/2017, at 10:12 pm, our agency received a call on our non-emergency line from a female, in Tucson, asking us to check the welfare of her son, located in the 1900 W. block of Gardner Lane, in Lakeside.
The Reporting Party advised that she believed her 46 year old son, Mr. Glenn Southwood Jr, to be intoxicated, and that he had threatened to shoot his wife. The Reporting Party advised that Mr. Southwood, had weapons. The Reporting Party believed the subject’s wife was possibly locked in the bathroom.

Two Pinetop-Lakeside Police Officers responded to the residence where they made contact with a man who appeared to be Mr. Southwood. After a verbal confrontation, Mr. Southwood produced a firearm and began shooting at officers. Officers returned fire and Mr. Southwood then barricaded himself in the
residence. During the exchange of gunfire, the suspect struck a Pinetop Lakeside Officer in the right leg, just above the knee. The Officer was immediately cared for by the Sergeant who responded with him, and concerned citizens in the area, and was then transported to the hospital.

An inner and outer perimeter were immediately set and Show Low Regional Special Response Team was paged out (SRT). Numerous SRT Tactics were employed to try to make contact with the suspect with no response. At about 0300, a Pinetop-Lakeside K-9 deployed with SRT and made entry with SRT. Our K-9 was attacked by a pit bull in the residence and the pit bull was dispatched. At about 0326, Mr. Southwood was located on a side porch of his residence, deceased.

The struck Officer is currently in stable condition and is expected to recover from his injuries. The K-9 is being treated by a local veterinarian.