As the pen and voice behind numerous GOAT pop classics, it’s hard to imagine Blondie‘s Debbie Harry, 71, being in awe of today’s hitmakers. But the band’s 11th album, Pollinator, features a few modern artists talented enough to leave her in rapture.

“Any association with Sia is a complete honor. We asked her for a song because we were such big fans of ‘Titanium,'” Harry tells Billboard. “She was writing with Nick Valensi from the Strokes, they submitted a couple songs and [we picked] the one we liked, ‘Best Day Ever.'”

Blondie’s new LP also taps Charli XCX (“She’s an extraordinary talent, operating from a position of strength and determination in her songs,” Harry raves) for the synth-rock flare-up “Gravity,” Dev Hynes (whose Harry co-write “Long Time” was initially demoed as a track for his project Blood Orange) and even viral YouTube duo the Gregory Brothers (of Songify the News fame).

Source : Billboard