Hoarders take note: A little bit of closet — or in this case, vault — cleaning is what led to ZZ Top‘s new Live: Greatest Hits From Around The World, a collection that, as the title indicates, features concert cuts from 13 cities on three continents. Their hometown, Houston, is naturally represented, as is London, where Jeff Beck joined the trio for renditions of “Rough Boy” and Tennessee Ernie Ford’s “Sixteen Tons.”

“We record so much stuff,” bassist Dusty Hill tells Billboard. “We record a lot of our shows, we record our soundchecks. We wrote ‘Tush’ in Alabama in a soundcheck almost in its entirety. We record everything for different reasons. So in other words we had lot of material. We started talking about putting out a live record; I can’t remember who came up with the different cities on different tours [idea] for different songs, but we thought that was kind of a tasty idea, so here it is.”