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The fire is at approximately 45,176 acres with 24% containment and 934 personnel.

Yesterday, the primary activity occurred on the east and southeast side of the fire within the steep canyons of unburned pine stands. With the direction of the wind shifting more out of the west southwest, several embers crossed Road B-33 and were suppressed by fire crews and helicopters. The night crews brought the fire further south along the 33 B road and held it in the pine stands stopping where the pine meets the Pinion-Juniper forest type.

Along the southwest side of the fire, fire personnel used aerial ignition in the area of Long Tom Canyon to create a backing fire that would minimize the effect of the active wildfire. There were patches of fire activity within the strands of pine, however, the sparse ground fuel would not carry the fire, resulting in areas of burned and unburned fuel.

Today, temperatures and relative humidity are expected to be similar to yesterday. The wind speeds are expected to increase slightly in the afternoon and become more westerly, influencing the fire behavior on the east and southeast flanks along the 33B road and slightly south.

Burn-out operations will continue on the east and southeast flanks along the west side of the 33B road and south within the canyons and pine stands. Smoke created may be visible. A smoke synopsis and air quality outlook for the communities adjacent to the fire will be posted daily on the Cedar Fire Information Facebook page.

In the southwest corner of the fire the crews will continue burnout operations if conditions are favorable. Fire may be visible from the area of SR 60 and SR 73 today.

The north and south containment lines of the fire are in mop-up and patrol status. Rehabilitation is underway using chippers to chop brush and tree branches and distribute them to reduce the fuel load and make them less visible and less susceptible to carry fire. Contingency lines continue to be cleared of brush and trees to enable the passage of fire suppression personnel and equipment.