If you’ve ever seen one of Peter Wolf‘s frenetic live performances, particularly with the The J. Geils Band, he’s doesn’t seem like a guy who’s looking for a peaceful, easy feeling. But on his new solo album, A Cure For Loneliness, the singer does express a longing for some “Peace of Mind” — at least for one song.

“We’re all kind of searching for a peace of mind, one way or another,” Wolf tells Billboard about the smooth, soulful track, which Billboard is premiering exclusively below. It was also a team effort, co-written with Duke Levine, the guitarist in Wolf’s Midnight Travelers troupe as well as The J. Geils Band, and lyricist Will Jennings. “Duke’s the person I call The Maestro, and Will is one of the most important people in my career, such a unique talent,” Wolf notes. “So it was a really great cast. We tried different variations, different tempos. This one just seemed to have the right feel for the lyric.”