In  Billnoards Greatest of All Time Cover Story with Paul Mc Cartney revealing the stories behind the Beatle’s No. 1 Hits, the rock legend noted his former partner John Lennon’s personal misery specifically surrounding the 1965 hit “Help!”


Recalling the story behind writing the title song for the band’s second film, McCartney said, “I turned up at John’s house for a writing session and saw the opportunity to add a descant [melody in the second verse]. We finished it quite quickly; we went downstairs and sang it to John’s wife at the time, Cynthia, and a journalist he was friendly with called Maureen Cleave. We were very pleased with ourselves.”

This followed two years of recording and touring without pause and Lennon was unhappy in his marriage to his former college sweetheart Cynthia Lennon and self-medicating with drugs. With this song, he began to redefine the band and move away from its cheerier style.

Lennon later said, “I was fat and depressed, and I was crying out for help.”